With growers across the U.S. continuing to face both susceptible and resistant weeds in their wheat and barley crops, Syngenta announced that Talinor herbicide delivered excellent control of difficult broadleaf weeds, such as kochia and Russian thistle, during the 2017 growing season.

Talinor was first introduced to the market following its federal EPA registration in November 2016. The cereals herbicide features excellent crop safety on barley, winter wheat and spring wheat, including durum. Its two active ingredients, bicyclopyrone and bromoxynil, provide two different modes of action to fight more than 45 species of broadleaf weeds.

“We have heavy weed pressure, so we used Talinor on our barley for the complete, broad-spectrum weed control it offers and its application window,” says Mark Birdsall, a grower in Stanley, North Dakota. “We’re very happy with the job it did. It provided quick and thorough control, compared with the marginal weed control we got from different herbicides in other fields, so we were really happy with it.”

Talinor also offers tank-mix flexibility and is an ideal mix partner for Axial XL and Axial Star herbicides for one-pass broadleaf and grass control. For growers concerned about weed resistance, Talinor is effective against weeds that have become resistant to ALS-inhibitor, synthetic auxin and glyphosate herbicides.

“Growers who used Talinor in 2017 found that it delivered superior post-emergence weed control, protected yields and helped to guard against profit loss,” says Brent Lackey, Syngenta cereals herbicide product lead. “They especially liked how quickly Talinor took out their most difficult weeds.”

Talinor is absorbed quickly through foliage for excellent rainfastness and has a wide application window from the two-leaf to pre-boot stage of the crop. It is packaged with CoAct+ additive to optimize its performance in the field.

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