NorthStar Genetics announced a new contest designed to honor farmers who make a difference in their communities. The Community Star Contest is accepting nominations until Nov. 15 for farmers who make a difference in the agriculture community in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

“After more than 20 years in business, those of us at NorthStar Genetics feel an obligation to give back to the communities that have supported us for nearly a quarter of a century,” says Dan Hogstad, CEO of NorthStar Genetics. “A good portion of our customers and dealers are great citizens and support activities that build up their communities.

“This activity ranges from helping with 4-H Clubs and FFA to county fairs and sports teams, and even serving as volunteer fire personnel. While most don’t do this for public recognition, we believe this hard work is worth noting and rewarding.”

Farmers can support their communities in a variety of ways, including mentorship, fiscal support, dedication and effort to a project or cause, or serve as an inspiration by overcoming adversity.

To nominate a candidate, bring the name of the farmer and their story of how they support their community to any NorthStar Genetics location, where they will be entered as a potential “Farm Star.” There’s no purchase necessary in order to nominate, and further details can be found on NorthStar Genetics’s website.

Hogstad shares that these stars are leaders in their communities, despite the size of their farm.

“Their internal drive to keep improving their communities is what we want to reward,” he says.

NorthStar will use a panel of industry representatives to select four winners. The winners will be recognized for their achievement at a regional dinner. Additionally, each Community Star winner will receive a $1,000 check made out to the charity of their choice from NorthStar Genetics.

“Because of the work they do, these stars help make the Upper Midwest a great place to live,” Hogstad adds. “Neither our communities, nor our farms and businesses would be as strong without them.”

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