Spring 2015

American Seed Spring 2015 Cover

In this issue, you’ll hear from farmers and seedsmen around the country about their experiences so far this planting/growing season in a Regional Perspective. Our editorial team worked to glean information on a number of valuable topics, including the Economics of Seed Treatments and ways to Improve Soil Health. As pollinators continue to be in the national spotlight, we’ve provided some information to help you Consider Feeding a Bee. The seed industry is a complex, global business and this issue of American Seed helps to keep you up to speed on the latest developments with Living in a Post-Patent World and Launching the Traits of Tomorrow. Let us know your thoughts by emailing jdeering@issuesink.com.

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Winter 2015

Dive into this issue, designed to help farmers “Gear Up” for planting season. Discover new traits and technologies to combat resistant weeds, ways to create zone maps for variable-rate planting and the potential uses for drones in plant breeding, as well as on the farm. Readers will also peer into the future of what planting might look like in 2050. There’s also an infographic that captures the significant investments being made in the biological realm. On behalf of the team at American Seed, we hope you enjoy this issue.

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Fall 2014

As farmers move into the winter months, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon the past year and plan ahead for the next one. This issue features an Iron Showcase, which highlights the latest improvements in equipment and the efficiency that comes along with it. Our editorial team also spotlights the work being done to improve wheat, a staple food crop around the world. Stewardship continues to be a point on contention in the industry. Discover the differing perspectives around the stewardship of new traits coming to market.

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Late Summer 2014

Are insects slowly taking over your fields? In this issue, you’ll learn how insects adapt to their environment and what you can do to win the battle. Be sure to check out how one seed company that’s best known for the advances in soybeans is working to improve the physiological structure of corn to further increase yields. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to evaluate the latest research with regards to row spacing.

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Early Summer 2014

This issue begins with the basics in mind. If reading articles jumbled with scientific terminology bores you but you want to know what’s going on, be sure to check out Unlocking the Genetic Potential of Plants. It’s insightful and you’ll walk away feeling more confident in your ability to talk about the technology. Towards the middle of the book, you’ll also find helpful tips to talk about GMOs, learn about the benefits of cover crops and explore corn’s yield potential.

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Winter 2014

American Seed Winter 2014 Cover

Dive into the newest corn and soybean traits and technologies with our winter issue! We take you into sorghum’s promising future and shed light on how you can help increase the population of pollinators near your farm. Plus, we’ll look at the education efforts surrounding patent expiration as the first biotechnology events come off patent.

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