sweet corn

KALO Inc. of Overland Park, KS, in a strategic alliance with Agrilead, Incorporated of Russell, KS, today announced the introduction of its new Pizazz seed shine and flow aid.

“Everyone at KALO is very excited about the launch of new Pizazz,” notes Brett Henson, seed care product manager for KALO, Inc. “Pizazz offers seed companies, seed treaters and growers a number of important benefits, including improved seed flowability, the suppression of ambient dust associated with older generation products, and improved plantability for the grower. Testing shows that Pizazz’s patent-pending formula allows it to substantially reduce ambient product dust during the treating process while still improving treated seed flowability and plantability by more than 10 percent when compared to first generation dry additives.”

Another key feature of Pizazz is the fact that it is formulated with bio-friendly components that are safe to use with inoculants and other biological seed treatment products.

“Last, but not least, Pizazz adds the same beautiful shine to treated seed as Pixy,” adds Henson. “Or, as we like to say, Pizazz helps seed show better, flow better and sow better.”

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