corn silage

Enogen Feed corn hybrids from Syngenta can help beef and dairy producers improve crop production in the field and unlock the energy potential of their ration. With proven genetics and traits, Enogen Feed hybrids deliver excellent agronomic performance, and as grain or silage, are a valuable ration component that helps provide more available energy for cattle.

“Enogen Feed hybrids are unique in that they benefit beef and dairy operations in multiple ways to help increase profit potential,” says Duane Martin, commercial traits product lead, Syngenta. “It’s a simple switch. Incorporating Enogen Feed hybrids into beef and dairy operations is as easy as replacing the corn or silage currently grown and fed on-farm.”

In the field, Enogen Feed corn performs equal to or better than other high-performing corn hybrids1, with no additional agronomic management challenges2, unlike some silage-specific hybrids. Additionally, it offers producers the flexibility to chop for silage or harvest for grain.

When fed as grain or silage, Enogen Feed hybrids represent a step-change in starch and sugar availability, which helps improve digestibility and provides more available energy. Energy is a key component to maximizing beef or dairy production, and corn is an important energy source because it supplies starch, which is converted to sugar during digestion.

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