The title says it all. Farmers continually identify seed selection as one of the most important and complex decisions that need to be made on the farm, but getting unbiased seed-specific information is a challenge.

Produced by the editors of Seed World, American Seed is designed to create seed-specific information packaged for U.S. farmers with a focus on row crops (corn, soybeans, sorghum) and field crops (cereals, rice, canola) along with all the aspects that are important to farmers getting the performance that they expect — from seed enhancements to equipment that improves efficiency and increases productivity.

Our expertise reaches around the globe to bring knowledge and best management practices to American farmers, filling an under-served segment. is a go to resource for producers looking for deep insight into seed in America and American Seed offers unparalleled connection to that audience via our e-blast campaigns to more than 45,000 of the largest producers and delivers the critical seed information that they have been looking for, thus creating a platform for you to spotlight your solutions.

Our research confirms that this information is desperately sought after and we know that as an advertiser, you need to make every connection count. Let American Seed connect you with farmers in a seed-specific forum — website and e-blast campaigns.